Always Changing

Just when I think I’ve made up my mind, a new thought occurs. I’ve always wanted to give African Cichlids another try, specifically Tanganyikan cichlids. After reading about them in Ad Konings’ excellent book, I have been waiting for the right time to give them a shot. Roughly 15 years of planning, I believe that time has finally come.

I perused the very small stock of Tanganyikan cichlids at my one remaining LFS, unfortunately mainly mbuna. My Wife convinced me to not settle, but to get what I really wanted, so I bit the bullet and decided to place an order of fish online. I searched high and low for the cichlids I was interested in; some shellies, compressiceps or calvus, and possibly a julie or a luleupi. The only place that had all of the in stock, with a wide selection of Other Tanganyikans, was The Wet Spot. I asked them a few questions, and soon, placed my order. Stay tuned for the shipment and photos of the new tank members!

As a side note, the photo above is what my 40 gallon currently looks like. The wide sand bed will be for the snail shells.