Tang Tank: Aquascape

I am in the process of redoing the Tanganyikan Tank aquascape. For some reason, I did not set it up properly initially. I purchased some elephant skin rock, which matches the cichlid stones perfectly. I also removed the fluorite substrate (which was a nutrient sink), and replaced it with aragonite sand. I am still debating how plants may look in this aquascape, but overall, it is looking much nicer. I will take a photo in a few days, after the cloudiness of the tank has cleared. Already, I can see a buffering effect of the aragonite, which should help bring the pH from a very low 7.5 to 8.5 or higher. I also started dosing SeaChem to help buffer and raise the pH. I’m hoping with the changes in the water, the fish will breed. These Neolamprologus brevis appear to be mature now, and I have two males and three females. So far, they have not been very aggressive toward each other, or towards the Neolamprologus leleupi